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Have you always wanted to add a little bling to your flute but didn’t know where to start?

Looking to make your flute stand out?

Lip plate slipping on your chin?

Feel like you need a little extra grip on your keys?

Looking to personalize your flute?


Make your flute match your personality

Keep your lip plate in place on your chin while you play

Keep your fingers from slipping

Personalize your flute with your initials or with beautiful patterns and themes

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a flute centric design service dedicated to making your flute look and feel truly unique.

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When I was in college I had to put a postage stamp on my lip plate to keep it from sliding around on my chin. Sound familiar?


Sometimes you need a little extra grip to feel secure during a performance. Surprisingly enough, engraving doesn’t change the sound or response of the headjoint, and having mine engraved solved my slipping issue and let me take back control of my playing. Sometimes engraving doesn’t have anything to do with necessity and we just want our flutes to look beautiful, I get it. I’ll never forget a professor of mine opening up his flute case and showing me the new flute he had just purchased. It was a stunning 14k gold flute with engraving all over – the keys, ribs, rings, lip plate, crown were all done in an ornate vine pattern. Sprinkled throughout there were birds, butterflies and bumblebees, each one a delightful little surprise as I surveyed the flute in awe.


We spend a lot of time with our flutes and we want them to look and feel special. Since everything by me is engraved by hand, each engraving is totally unique and one of a kind. Offering a variety of standard patterns and styles, you’re sure to find something that speaks to you. Take advantage of my custom design service and create an engraving that is uniquely yours.

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Quality: Every design is painstakingly drafted and planned so that your engraving is flawless

Beauty: Using state of the art hand tools and careful execution your flute will look stunning

Personalization: Every design is put together with you in mind so that your flute looks truly unique


STEP 1: 

Schedule your engraving consultation

STEP 2: 

Get customized engraving design, estimate and contract

STEP 3: 

Take your flute from bland to marvelous!

birds pendant_edited.jpg

“I wanted to dress up my flute a bit but didn’t know how. Lindsey guided me through the process of choosing a design, tweaked it for me and then engraved the tiniest little starburst pattern on my crown. It’s beautiful and unique and I love it!”

– K. S.

“One of a kind! Thank you so much!”

– P.V.

“After arguably one of the best engravers in the industry retired, I had no idea where to go. I found Lindsey through a friend of a friend as she was just starting out. She was a pleasure to work with and I ended up with exactly the engraving I had been looking for”

– A.J.


You’ve seen the pictures and if you’re lucky enough, you’ve seen them in person, too – beautiful patterns and shapes engraved on flutes. A quick Google search shows you that a lot engraving is done by a machine with a laser (potentially damaging to your flute), can only be done on small pieces (bummer because your headjoint won’t fit), and can only be from a list of pre-set designs (not your style).

I don’t use a laser or big machinery, all of my engraving is done completely by hand so no matter how intricate the design and no matter where you want it located on your flute, I can engrave it for you. Be it a Celtic pattern on a lip plate, a western scroll style engraving on the keys or a constellation on your crown, I work with you to customize your engraving so that it’s everything you’ve imagined. Always executed with extreme care and precision, my hand engraved accents will take your flute to the next level of beauty.


Offering a full range of custom engraving options for flutes and headjoints, I love to help my clients take their flutes from simple to extraordinary. I have a selection of engraving designs to choose from as well as the ability to custom design engravings for clients who require a truly unique engraving. A native of Maine, I draw a lot of my design ideas from the nature around me, whether in the form of a little bird on a flute key, a floral pattern on a crown, or a bumble bee engraving on a lip plate. Trained by several of the world’s master engravers, including Sam Alfano and Brian Powley, I seek to carry on the tradition of hand engraving to the highest possible standard.

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Lindsey McChord Green Texture


How do I choose a design?

Click here to get started on a custom design.

What are your engraving prices?

Pricing varies based on project. Contact me here to share more about your engraving vision!

Can you engrave my gun/knife/jewelry/heirloom?

Yes! Get in touch with me here so we can talk about specifics like metal and size requirements

I have more questions, how can I get in touch?

You can reach me here.

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