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and I specialize in building handmade headjoints and precision flute repair with an overall focus of helping my clients discover and achieve their best sound. My artistic and mechanical background make me particularly well suited for this kind of hands-on custom work. Raised in a household that cherished and nourished the appreciation of all forms of art, it’s no wonder I ended up with creativity being the central part of my business.

I’m a master headjoint maker, credited with the design of several successful flute and piccolo headjoint lines currently in production at some of the leading flute manufacturers in Boston. As a result, many of today’s top orchestral and solo flutists play headjoints designed and cut by me. My focus is always on exceeding the standards of the modern flutist, and my artistic skill coupled with a highly technical mind have brought me to the top of the industry. I’m creative and inquisitive - the perfect combination of traits for a headjoint maker.

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Looking for a headjoint that is easy to play but with a little more resistance in the low register? Looking for a headjoint with an easy high register without losing the evenness through the middle register? Headjoints like these that aren’t in my current line can be custom built for you. I’ve got you covered. By interviewing you about your specific needs and creating a list of desired characteristics I can design and build a custom headjoint that meets the needs of the most discerning flutist. Don’t hesitate to reach out for more information from me.

Sometimes the headjoint you already own just isn’t working for you, but it’s still got some nice qualities so you don’t want to give up on it. I’ve mastered the art of headjoint repair and have found that even the smallest change to the embouchure hole or lip plate can make the biggest difference in sound and response. Don’t like the response in the high register but want to keep the low register the same? I can do that for you. Want to open up the sound but also sharpen the articulation? I can do that for you. The possibilities are endless. If the headjoint you currently play on doesn’t function how you want it to feel free to reach out, its possible to make some adjustments to get you back on track.

I love to share what I know with flutists all over the world by giving demonstrations that offer guidance for flutists looking for ways to achieve their optimal sound. I delve into the intricacies of selecting a headjoint that is right for you, how to select one that will grow with you as a developing musician, or how to ensure your headjoint works with you (not against you) to help you win that audition. I also like to demonstrate the art of headjoint design and production, headjoint cutting, and headjoint maintenance as well.

I’m the author of the McChord Flutes blog, where I explore headjoint making details in depth, flute repair tips, tricks and discoveries, hand engraving adventures and I document the challenges and triumphs of running a multifaceted business all by myself.

I’m available for all of your burning headjoint questions and always love to hear from other flute players in the community. Drop me a line to see if I can help you like I’ve helped hundreds of others just like you!

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“She is a pleasure to work with. She takes the time to work you carefully through the design process and she sent me several drafts with sizing modifications and edits along the way. My engraving came out beautifully!”

– B.B.

“When my daughter dropped her footjoint in marching band I thought I was going to have to buy her a whole new instrument because it seemed beyond repair but Lindsey worked her magic and it is good as new now”

– R.G.

“Working with Lindsey I realized that every headjoint really is truly unique”

– J.S.

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